100% Natural Beaches

The beaches in Benidorm are completely natural in every way and not imported from anywhere else. Because of the stunning natural beaches, it makes the resort such a popular beach holiday destination.

Bars & Nightclubs

With over 200 discos, nightclubs, cabaret & showbars and over 1000 bars in Benidorm there is no shortage of music and shows for people to enjoy. Many bars offer both daytime acts and evening acts so there is plenty of entertainment anytime of the day.

Year Round Sun

Benidorm has one of the healthiest climates in Europe with clean seas, great weather, and a warm Mediterranean climate all year round. This makes Benidorm a great place for a holiday anytime of the year.

Why Benidorm?

Why do I Love Benidorm? Sun, sea, sand (some of the best beaches in Europe), the old town which is traditional and full of history, the new town which is perfect for large parties and very lively, Poniente beach which is nice and quite, the entertainment which is first class with worldwide known acts, tapas alley, Benidorm offers bars and restaurants for any budget, theme parks, water parks, in fact you can basically have any type of beach resort or holiday you could hope for in Benidorm!

Love Benidorm

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Popular bars in Benidorm, Spain

KM Beach Dance Club, Benidorm KM Beach Dance Club has many names and it is also known as KM Beach Dance Pub and KM Playa. Whatever name you want to use this fresh seaside bar keeps you occupied for the whole night with its disco vibe.…

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