When you touch down in Benidorm for your fantastic holiday abroad in the sun, sea and sand, you might be thinking about long, luscious days on the sand and frolicking in the water. Benidorm is home to some beautiful beaches, many of which are home to bars, restaurants and sun beds to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Here we do a quick round up of the top five beaches in the area that are favourites amongst visitors of all ages.


Playa Levante

Benidorm, playa de Levante

This popular beach is only a stones throw from many of the hotels and resorts that are favourites in Benidorm for travellers of all ages, making this the go to beach for many visitors to the region. It’s a safe, clean beach that is taken care of daily by cleaners, so you can expect a pristine environment in which to enjoy the sun and sand. The bars nearby usually have special drink and meal deals as well as happy hours, and the beach and area is disabled access friendly, making it perfect for everyone. This is the place to head to check out the sunrises in the mornings during your stay and is one of the best beaches in Benidorm.


Poniente Beach

Playa de Poniente, Benidorm

A favourite amongst the Spanish holidaying in Benidorm, this beach features exercise classes with equipment as well as a lovely promenade across the street which features a number of great bars and restaurants. This is a quieter beach than others in Benidorm, particularly Levante which tends to be the British holidaymakers favourite spot to perch for the sun and sand, making this a great choice for a quieter day in the sun. Right near Elche Park, making it a great location for general relaxing and spending a few hours out of your day.


Playa Del Albir

Altea Playa Del Albir

This is a great “all in one” beach. With its lovely sandy strip and showers and public toilets, it’s perfect for holidaymakers, especially those with families and children. Make sure to check out the craft market bazaar in the evenings throughout the summer for some truly unique finds and souvenirs and take something home for a friend. The beach is well equipped in terms of places to find a drink or some food, so overall this is one of the best beaches in the area, and quieter than Levante, too. Albir is services by the number 10 bus in Benidorm and a train service also from Benidorm old town although its a little walk from the train station to the beach in Albir but plenty of shops and bar along the way.


Cala de Mal Pas

Cala de Mal Pas, Benidorm

This is a great little beach with some sheltering thanks to its surrounding cliffs, so it’s great on windy days or in the winter to keep a bit warmer than other more open beaches. This beach is serviced by a staircase from the Balcon del Mediterraneo, making this a great final stop on a wander through the old town of Benidorm if you’re looking to end your excursions with a stop at the beach for a few hours. There are likewise a number of shops and cafes as well as restaurants and bars scattered nearby and in the old town, so this makes this a popular spot for travellers of all ages.


Altea Beach

Altea Beach

A bit further out of Altea town, there are several walk able and stunning beaches from the old town of Altea. Each year there is a fantastic fireworks party held here that attracts literally thousands of people to the beach, so plan in advance if spending time in Benidorm around this time as it may be difficult to secure accommodation. Altea is serviced by a bus ( the number 10 bus goes from Benidorm to Albir and Altea for €1.50 ) and a train from Benidorm old town for those who would rather not walk, and it has an excellent offering of cafes, bars, restaurants as well as shops just off the beach, so it’s overall a perfect beach for people who want a bit of everything and to get away from the main parts of Benidorm for an afternoon.


There you have a couple of great suggestions on some of the top beaches in and around Benidorm for your next visit. With a number of great spots to pick from and each having their own special stuff on offer it’s no wonder many people return year after year to the area to revel in the sun, sea and sand.

KM Beach Dance Club, Benidorm

KM Beach Dance Club has many names and it is also known as KM Beach Dance Pub and KM Playa. Whatever name you want to use this fresh seaside bar keeps you occupied for the whole night with its disco vibe. There is a lot of space for dancing but also for mingling in tables with locals and travellers alike. KM Playa plays mostly local Spanish music, so you may not recognize most of the song played. Music is played by official DJ’s of Playa and hired dancers make sure you don’t have to be the first one on the dance floor.

This bar is very popular amongst locals and that’s why the packed weekends make the atmosphere high but don’t fit for those wanting a more peaceful evening with their friends. Because of the broad opening times, KM Playa is perfect for enjoying a few drinks before continuing your trip to other bars in Benidorm.

Address: Avinguda Alcoi 9, Esq C/Bilbao, 03501 Benidorm

Jumping Jacks Fun Pub, Benidorm

Jumping Jacks is all about fun and games. Even the bar itself is colourful and hidden under the neon colour sign. Before sunset,you can enjoy your drinks outside on their terrace with your friends and after dark, you can take part to interesting events they held around the year. There is for example live music and talent competitions. And if you don’t want to be part of the fun, you can always enjoy performances by other pub guests.

You can find many similar bars from the area of Calle Gerona but Jumping Jacks Fun Pub is one of the best and most popular ones. In addition to music and competitions, they also serve as a sports bar with huge TV screen playing the recent matches. Because they open early in the morning and close late at night, you can enjoy drinks from breakfast to the party hours. This pub fits for people of all ages, but it is more relaxed and cozy than a real party place.

Address: Calle Gerona 17, 03503 Benidorm

Intimate English Bar, Benidorm

This bar in Benidorm’s old town gives you just what the name suggests: intimacy and English atmosphere. This small bar has a perfect location, friendly staff and a lot of regular visitors. The owner of Intimate Bar, Robert, is almost legend amongst locals and travellers alike who came back just to chat with him and to hear the newest Benidorm gossips.Karaoke singers can show off their singing skills without having to worry about judging eyes and make your experience even better Intimate Bar has a wide variety of different songs to sing but also drinks to try out. Intimate Bar is a must visit place for drinking if you are homesick and want to be welcomed to the Spanish culture. You will leave the bar with many new friends from all around the world.

Address: Calle la Palma, 4, 03501 Benidorm

If you’re getting away for a holiday with your favourite people, family or just you and your significant other but you want to make it a special holiday, perhaps a once a year type deal then you might be looking for a luxury hotel or resort to spend your evenings in. So for whatever reason for your trip to Benidorm, read ahead to check out an overview of some of the top four and five star hotels and resorts in the area that make perfect places to stay for everyone.

Hotel Melia Benidorm

Exquisitely styled and decorated and set amid its own land with several buildings comprising this beautiful four star resort, Melia is the perfect place for families, couples and groups of friends looking to kick back and relax in the lap of luxury. With delicious breakfasts, ample rooms and the YHI Spa on site, visitors can be assured that their stay at Melia will be simply one of the best.

Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

This positively immaculate hotel and spa set on land a bit away from the main portion of Benidorm in the Finestrat area. This hotel and spa will impress even the most discerning of travellers. Hosting its very own microclimate – home to numerous tropical plants and pools that maintain a constant temperature of 29 degrees centigrade and even in winter will remain a constant balmy 22C. Considered by the World Health Organisation to be one of the healthiest climates in the world, this microclimate is the perfect getaway for those looking to truly get away from it all.

The Hotel offers Asian themed pools and Thai treatments in their luxurious spa. With an array of rooms available from deluxe to the Presidential Suite the hotel is undoubtedly the place to come for any travellers who are looking to enjoy the absolute ultimate in luxury and style. Relax by evening on the terraces overlooking Benidorm, and dine in the classy Asian restaurant on site. For those loving a bit out the great outdoors, not only are there swimming pools on site but the hotel boasts its own golf course as well as Asian inspired botanical gardens.

Villa Venecia Boutique

With a beautiful view over the sea and down the beach to the rest of Benidorm, the Villa Venecia is located down near the seafront and is immaculately decorated and outfitted with beautiful fixtures throughout the rooms. Situated right on a rocky outcrop, many of the rooms have the appearance of being almost suspended over the sea, with views that head right down into the water. The lush terrace is ideal for an evening drink to watch the waves sparkle in the twilight and the on site spa hosts a number of delicious treatments to ensure all your stress is swept away during your stay at the Villa Venecia. The on site restaurant provides hight quality executive meals and the sumptuous rooms are beautifully decorated and appointed, making this the perfect location for busy holidaymakers looking to take advantage of the luxury available in Benidorm and the close proximity to all the city has on offer.

Hotel Les Dunes Comodoro

Featuring a terrace and coffee shop right on the Playa Levante, this delightfully appointed hotel is right in the thick of the action in Benidorm. The prices can’t be beat at this hotel which gives visitors a taste of luxury without the luxury price tag – the Captain’s Junior Suite features its own private balcony and is around fifty euros per night which is an absolute bargain. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available in the on site restaurant, which offers sit down meals as well as extensive buffets. With on site sport facilities as well, you can ensure you keep in tip top shape after all the delicious food and cocktails you will enjoy during your relaxing either on the terrace or at some of the nearby beach bars.


So whether you’re coming to Benidorm for a special event such as a hen or stag party, to celebrate a birthday or just for a family getaway you don’t need to skimp on style and comfort. With these suggestions on truly luxurious hotels and resorts, you will find the perfect place for you and your friends or family. On top of the great amenities and services at these resorts, Benidorm features numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs alongside a zoo, aquarium and options for getting out and around on segway tours or paragliding. So as you can see, Benidorm is perfect for everyone – especially those who want the highlights of the city combined with luxurious living.


There are many amazing places to take a holiday, but people are always thrilled when they visit Benidorm.  This area is perfect for anyone who wants an extraordinary holiday without going over their budget.  There are numerous ways for everyone to save money on almost everything while they are spending time in Benidorm.

Here are 9 tips to help everyone save money while holidaying in Benidorm on a budget:

  1. Accommodations

The hotels in Benidorm are wonderful, but anyone that is traveling to the area during peak season will find that the campsites offer cheaper prices.  Many of the campsites have bungalows to rent, so people will not need to worry about bringing a tent or RV with them on holiday.  These bungalows include all the comforts of home, just like a hotel, but the price is better.  Another way that people can save money is to travel during off-season and take advantage of the all-inclusive deals that are available at that time.

  1. Food

Eating at restaurants can hurt a budget quickly if people are not careful.  A couple of ways to save money include finding a restaurant that offers set menus or an all you can eat buffet.  The set menus can be found at many restaurants, but the all you can eat buffets are normally only available at Chinese restaurants.  However, they are both great ways to save money while still being able to eat delicious food.  Picnics are another way to save money while enjoying the fresh air at any of the parks.

  1. Free Fiestas

Everyone may want to plan their time in Benidorm around one of the numerous free fiestas that are held in the streets throughout the year.  A few of the popular ones includes the carnival right before Lent, the Fallas Fiesta in March, and the fancy dress parade that is held every November.  These fiestas are fantastic ways to enjoy some entertainment without spending a lot of money, plus people get to immerse themselves into the culture and traditions of the locals.

  1. Theme Parks

There are three theme parks in Benidorm, and people will find that they can save quite a bit of money on their admission tickets when they purchase them online.  Everyone can also purchase tickets that can be used at multiple theme parks online for even more savings.

  1. Outdoor Markets

The outdoor markets are the best places to find great deals on everything from clothing and household items to arts and crafts and food.  The prices are fairly good, but everyone should be prepared to haggle for even better bargains.

  1. Fitness

Anyone who loves to workout will enjoy participating in the free exercise classes that are held at Levante Beach throughout the week.  These classes are a fantastic way to stay in shape and keep up with a workout routine without needing to spend a dime.  There is also exercise equipment available for everyone to use at the Parque de Elche.

  1. Entertainment

Street artists can be found near the Balcón del Mediterráneo and people can spend hours watching them perform.  The British Quarter is one of the places where people can find free live entertainment at the bars.  Free entertainment and drag shows can also be found at certain bars in Old Town.  Everyone will want to remember that the nightlife begins late in Benidorm, so most of the entertainment will not start until midnight.  Some people may even be happy spending part of their time in Benidorm people watching as they sit outside a bar or at the beach.

  1. Drinks and Happy Hour

With so many restaurants and bars in Benidorm, it is fairly easy for everyone to find something within their price range.  However, the British Quarter is one of the best places to find drink and happy hour specials.  Everyone can order tapas while they are at a bar, as the tapas are a great way to try new foods while enjoying a snack to hold them over until dinner.  People will need to be careful with how many tapas they order though, because ordering too many can be more expensive than ordering a meal off a set menu.

  1. Transportation

Walking is the easiest and cheapest way to get around Benidorm, but for the times when people do not feel like doing that, they can rent a scooter to go from one place to another.  The public bus is another way to get around Benidorm and this mode of transportation is excellent and cheaper than taking a taxi.  The buses are almost always on schedule, and if they are not, they are only late by a couple of minutes.

These nine tips will help everyone save money when they are visiting Benidorm, but no one will feel deprived of anything that this spectacular city offers.