Top 10 Best Bars & Clubs in Benidorm?  


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17/01/2019 3:04 pm  

Just wondering what are peoples top 10 best bars & clubs in Benidorm. Looking for some ideas 🙂


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17/01/2019 3:39 pm  

Hi @beniluva ( great name by the way! ),

If you have ever been to Benidorm you will know there are tons of great bars and clubs in Benidorm. I will throw my 2 cents in first and add a few of my favourites 🙂

Tiki Beach - this is a great and lively bar on Levante beach. It was supposed to be closed down last year after a court order because of the noise but its still going strong!

Daytona Rock Bar - Another top bar on Levante Beach, great for some top rock acts while enjoying the sunshine!

Heartbreak Bar - Also on Levante Beach, they have some great acts on here including Palanca y Cambio, The Preachers and The Blues Brothers!

Sinatra's Bar & Pub - Top acts on here of an evening like Benidorm Tom and Little Mix, always a good atmosphere!

Morgan Tavern - Some great shows on here of a night.

The Shamrock Bar - This is a great Irish bar and well worth checking out on Paddys Day, its mental! 

Jokers Bar - Another top place to visit with some great acts. They also have a dance floor so you can bust some moves 😀 

Hippodrome Disco - Another one on Levante beach. This plaace gets very busy of a night and goes on to the early hours with some great DJ's and tunes. 

Secret Fountain Roof Bar Garden - A nice little bar for a chill out in the sun. 

Western Saloon - This place is always busy but has a great atmosphere and some top acts. 

KM Disco - This is another club and although I have not been it seems popular on Facebook and goes on until about 8am in the morning! 


Hope you find that little list useful. I realised I added 11 not 10, I could have done about 30 lol! There are no shortage of great places in Benidorm and I didnt even mention the old town!





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