There are quite a few bars known for their extraordinary nightlife attractions, but some of the bars in Benidorm are just as amazing during the daytime hours.  These bars are the perfect place to grab a seat, order a drink, and enjoy some time with family and friends.


  1. Tiki Beach

The Tiki Beach bar can be found along the promenade of Levante Beach and guests can sit either inside or outside as they watch other people pass by.  People can enjoy live music all day long as well as the ever-popular happy hour that never stops on certain types of drinks.  This bar serves a large variety of drinks and numerous international dishes.  Many people gather at Tiki Beach to see all the sporting events that are held during the day, as the bar has multiple large screen televisions for people to watch.


  1. The HeartBreak Hotel

The bar at the HeartBreak Hotel is often considered the best rock bar in Benidorm.  The bar is on Levante Beach and offers spectacular views of the bay at any hour of the day.  The music plays at the HeartBreak Hotel’s bar all day long and it alternates between DJs and live performers.  The stage has half of a yellow car as a backdrop and it adds to the ambiance of the space.  The atmosphere at this bar is always lively and people will enjoy themselves there at any hour of the day.  This bar is slightly smaller than some of the others in the area, but that doesn’t prevent people from arriving in groups to enjoy the festivities.  Some people prefer to use this bar as an internet café as they surf the internet, watch a sporting event on the big screen, or play a rousing game of pool.


  1. Daytona Rock Bar

The Daytona Rock Bar is also on Levante Beach and people flock there to see the view of the water and watch the people that are walking around.  Rock music can be heard all the way outside from the time they open, and everyone loves the special offers that are available for purchasing two pints of beer at a time during the day.  Live music begins at four in the afternoon, so some people will stay a little longer to listen to some of the best performers.  The atmosphere inside the Daytona Rock Bar is pleasant and not overwhelming, despite the number of people and the music.


  1. Western Saloon Bar

The Western Saloon Bar plays a variety of music, despite what people think once they hear the name.  Everyone can listen to music all day long, whether it is rock and roll, Irish, folk, or country and western.  John the Fiddler also plays on occasion and people love it when there is a comedy act scheduled.  Everyone is encouraged to arrive at the Western Saloon Bar as early as possible, as it does get crowded as the day goes on.  The atmosphere inside the bar is quite loud, but that is from the music that is continuously playing and people trying to be heard over it all.  There are many drink promotions offered throughout the day, so everyone will be able to choose their favorite drinks at lower prices.  As people are enjoying their drinks and the atmosphere of this bar, they will find themselves getting up to dance to the music, no matter what genre is being played.


  1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks can be found at one end of Benidorm and it is a fabulous place for people of any age to visit.  This bar is child friendly, so families can visit at any time without a problem.  However, with cheaper alcohol than other establishments and larger groups visiting, it may not always be a good place to take a child.  Jumping Jacks has a fabulous terrace for people to sit out on during the day and it is the perfect place to sit while indulging in a drink and a few snacks.  Guests can watch sports on the televisions or listen to the music that is playing in the background.  There are live performances held there as well, but most of the time those start later in the afternoon.


These five bars are the best ones for people to visit when they are in Benidorm and they will love the different options at each of them.  People can venture into all of them and then choose their own personal favorite out of them all.


When you’re thinking of a great girls or guys weekend (or longer!) away, you might be wondering where the best place for a bit of fun in the sun mixed with clubbing might be. You have all your standard places that have been tried and tested but if you’re looking for the ultimate in holidays that feature not just great beaches but also great bars, you’re lookin’ at Benidorm.

So what about the Benidorm bars? Firstly, there are almost countless bars to wet your whistle in the area and some of them have a different vibe than others. This article will run down the top five bars in Benidorm to help you get a feel for what’s on offer here.

Hippodrome Bar/Disco Pub

This is quite simply put – one of the best bars in Benidorm if you’re looking to dance the night away and enjoy a couple of drinks. The music at the Hippodrome features non-stop dance music and goes all through the night until around 7am the next morning. A great place that is held in high regard not just for the great drinks menu but also the dance floor is a favourite amongst tourists of all ages who are looking to get their groove on.

Tiki Beach

Always a fun time down on the seafront, Tiki Beach takes it up to the next level. Being right on the sand with the waves crashing only a stones throw away, this lively, buzzing bar is great to hit up for an afternoon or evening with friends. Featuring great meals with huge portions, a fantastic and very varied bar filled with all manner of beer or cocktail you could possibly want, the Tiki Beach bar is simply one of the best. Come for the food, stay for the music. Features live music by night and a chilled atmosphere by day.


One of the favourites amongst travellers from far and wide and of all ages, Olivers is prime for people watching from their beautiful terrace and provides visitors to the area with all the best in beverages including both local and imported beers and spirits. For a real Spanish vibe by day or night, Olivers is the place to be to relax by day or get groovy by night. It’s always a great time at Olivers in Plaza Constitucion.

The Rock and Roll House

If you’re a fan of any kind of rock music from yesteryear to yesterday, this is the place for you. With a great variety of drinks behind the bar and a great variety of live tribute acts on the stage this is the place to come if you’re looking for something a bit different to clubbing the night away on the dance floor yourself. While dancing is an option here, so is just kicking back and enjoying the music over your favourite beverage or bar snacks. Top rated among visitors especially for their Blues Brothers’ Tribute Show.

Morgan’s Tavern

Rated as the fourth best bar in Benidorm, Morgan’s Tavern is a hot spot for party goers looking for a top notch, safe place with plenty of kick. This is the bar that is featured in the hit series Benidorm. While the drinks are a bit pricier than elsewhere, you can’t beat the atmosphere or the friendliness of the staff.

Check out our handy map of the best bars in Benidorm.